September 27, 2009

Film: Dry Summer

Tonight I watched Dry Summer, a Turkish film made in 1963. Rarely have I been so wrapped up in a story and it's characters and felt so affected. Admittedly I haven't seen very many older films, and especially older foreign films. But I'm blown away at how superior the storytelling, acting, directing and overall craft is compared to most modern films I see.

Dry Summer is the story of a man and his older brother who are farmers. The older brother is greedy and selfish and decides not to share the water from his well with the neighboring farmers. The younger brother and his new bride get caught up in the consequences of the elder brother's reckless actions. That's a very dull description. Fortunately you can see it yourself for free online at Amber showed me this website today. I'm super excited to see more of these films.