September 9, 2009


Naomi's street.
Worth posting? No.. but there it is.
I tried to snap a covert shot from across the street, but the man in the middle, the one glaring your direction, pointed his finger and at me and yelled "You! Get the f**k outta here!" I instantly broke out into the heartiest laughter I've experienced in two years. It was uncontrollable. Why? I have no idea! Maybe because it was so surreal. The guy sounded more venomous than Mark Wahlberg in The Departed. He then screamed "I'm serious, get the f**k outta here!," pointing the other direction. I yelled "I love you too!" And he shrugged, puffing his cigarette. Fail. I'm truly an obnoxious American tourist.
Where Naomi lives.
Parliament still.


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  2. how embarrassing tyson. did you feel dumb? i bet you did. jokes. but i wish i was there. that parlly looks beautiful. and what happened to i will destroy you? i like that. come on. "beeeeee yourself" ( aladdin ). kbye.